The sadness of the handballman did not last long. Despite the loss of Black Mountain, they are progressing

Last 13 seconds, last attack, last chance. The ball was given by Michael Hrbková, with six of the most productive Czech shooters…And she did not succeed. Following was the euphoria of the Montenegrin handball players and the sad embrace of the defeated. I was expecting another point on the Eur to escape the tightest difference.

“We did not repeat the performance that we presented against Hungary, especially in defense and changing chances. There is no end and we will do our best to succeed against the Danes, “coach Jan Bašný said after the match.
The handball players in the opening game at the European Championship in Sweden unexpectedly overcame Hungary 27:22, and the group ends on Friday from 20.45 against Denmark. But back to Wednesday’s match.Why did he end in a good performance, but without a point? “” They decided little things like the last nine at the end of the first half, “regrets Veronika Malá. “It was a hard game – we knew it would be with Black Mountain. It was difficult to score a score, but we did the maximum. We’ll try to make it even better for the next game, to show off in better light and to make progress. ”

The fact that a drama is taking place in Malmö’s black-and-white arena against Montenegro has already indicated the first half. The Czechs gave the first goal of the first attack, the settlement came only in the 5th minute – and then ruled.

Estimate at that moment the favorite was almost impossible. For a while, a better passage was given by the selection of coach Jan Bašný, then again by their Balkan sokyan.Both teams had strong, hard-to-reach defenses. The soldiers did not succeed. The Czechs may have been struggling to win two fast-paced bouts in their own power, but otherwise with the European champions in 2012 they kept the pace.

Everything would suggest a draw, but this has prevented the last action. From a nine-meter throw at 30.00, Durdina Jaukovičová has successfully raided the Czech wall after the whirlwind! This is always a defeat defect in the hand. The score therefore sounded 12:13.

And unfortunately, this trend did not stop even after a half. A well-done action on the wing plus a seven-fold change – and Chernobyl have led three shots.In addition to the chase after time, it took less than two minutes to complete…

The Czechs have already shown themselves in the opening game as a cohesive, constantly fighting choice. There was a shot, but three-pointer manko did not and did not delete – for a while, they took something away from him, then the Montenegrins set off again. In addition to the above-mentioned key passage, it was a duel of a sokyan on an identical level, but constantly tightening was the Czechs more and more force.

For the endurance, partial rewards came when at 53.Iveta Luzum scored the minute at 24:24, but it was redeemed after a moment of horror. The Czechs scored their goal in their own game, then Černohorky blew the ball and the goalie Kudláčková stood at the goal and scored an easy goal in the goal.

The Czechs did not give up, but the undecided state prevented the intervention of goalie Rajcic. Her teammates demonstrated an overly aggressive concept of defensive and bucked exclusion. In 27:28, they were only four in the field, but they managed to keep the ball up to 59:47.

Bashny then took the time out and finished the final 13 seconds of the suspension.You already know the result: unfortunately without a point for the Czech Republic.