The brotherly duel of Škoda would like to win the younger Michal again

In the league, he scored 84 starts and scored 18 goals. He confessed that mutual duels are different for the two brothers than other first-league duels. From the previous four confrontations, Michal Škoda played two matches in the Brno jersey and two at the hosting in České Budějovice. The brother is so successful because he has two victories and one draw. “We competed a lot in our youth, we were still playing a little bit, and he often won his brother,” said Michal Skoda.

But he does not allow his elder brother to fight before the prestigious duel. “I will not even call him for a bet, but we communicate regularly.”

Slavia has won four last games without a draw, so the Brňans have a healthy respect for the rival. ” We will try to build on our the last victory in Jablonec, which we needed a lot after the previous unsuccessful balance. The optimal result would be 3: 2 for us. And I would put three goals and brother two, “ designed the ideal scenario Michal Škoda with a smile.

In his career he went through various posts in his class, starting with a puppet, then playing at the edge of the defense And now he has anchored the place where he was found by the former coach of Brno Vaclav Kotal, and Svatopluk Habanec did not change his role. “I still have the same tasks.This place suits me best, “said Michal Skoda.