The brewery is interested in AS Rome as a team, not as an individuality

Pilsnerian coach Roman Pivarnik perceives the rival of the European League AS Roma as a very strong team, but does not solve the stellar individualities of the rival Francesco Totti, Edin Džek or Radu Nainggolan. The 43-year-old coach believes that the Czech champion will be able to play his own game against his big favorite on Thursday at home.

“I did not play it as a player, when my teammates agreed to change their jerseys other than a match, so I was very hungry in Austria too. I am not interested in the players of the opponent to get to know that there is Totti or anyone.Respect yes but I am interested in the match, our team and AS Roma as a team, not as individuals, “said Pivarnik at today’s press conference.

He did not even solve the Bosnian striker Džek, who gave Plzni a goal in jersey Teple and in 2013 both Champions League matches as a Manchester City player. “I did not try to mention it because these players know and I do not like to point out such a thing before the game. Then it is the law of consensus that the player will again give you a goal, “said Pivarník.

” Every closest match is the most difficult. We are definitely going against the best and most attractive opponent in the fall. It’s a different football because the teams in each country play differently. Italian teams are very advanced in tactical readiness, they can slow down and accelerate.We have to be consistent again, but I hope we will be successful after the match, “added Pilsen coach.

The Roman community finds it very unpredictable mainly thanks to the wide body. ” Estimate how Karabakh We did Razgrad because the team played steadily without rotation and we knew it would be the strongest team. Of course, Rome has a great quality cadre, it has different types of players and Perotti, Džeko and Totti are quite different, but we were also preparing for it, “said Pivarník.

They try to play back, combine from behind at any price. They have a swift counterattack, passes behind the defenses, and a deep block that is often played in Italy. Players can fill in spaces.They have a good standard situation, but have weaknesses in defensive standards, “he added.

It is a pity that Pilsen will have a closed part of the auditorium for the fans’ rage and racism in the previous home match. Razgrad. “The fans will still cheer, but our stadium is not big and it’s a shame that we have to leave the 900 seats at the capacity we fill. We have to respect it and I hope that we can already encourage that we do not have to solve these problems in other games, “said Pivarník.