Sportingbet has become a partner of the two-year, first league league


Fortuna has become the new partner of Czech football. It will support the MOL Cup, the Super Cup and the lower second league competition, which will be renamed. From the 2018/19 season, the company will be the titular sponsor of the first league, which will be called the Fortuna League.

The contract between Sportingbet, the Football Association of the Czech Republic and the LFA Football Association (LFA) was closed for six years. None of the parties wanted to comment on the financial terms of cooperation.The name of Fortuna next to the second league will now be held by the ČFL, MSFL and divisional competitions, and the company will continue to support amateur football.

“From football’s point of view it is a contract whose parameters, , “ Miroslav Pelta, the chairman of the FAČR, told a press conference. “We are talking in hundreds of millions of crowns in the six-year horizon, and I can say that this is the largest sponsorship contract in the modern history of Czech professional sport,” added LFA chief Dušan Svoboda.

the soccer competition in the Czech Republic now bears the name league.The Internet search engine became a titular partner before this season and contract with it expires after 2017/18.

The 2014 Football League had the name Gambrinus brewery, which allegedly provided an annual sum of 40 to 50 million crowns . Synot followed, according to speculation, 60 million a year. Similarly, the current contract with should be similar, but Sportingbet would probably have to contribute a higher amount from 2018.

“We want to raise the level of football further, the results of Czech clubs or the representation in international confrontation.This will be reflected in the increased interest of football bettors, “said Fortune Chief Executive Officer David Vaněk. ” We will cooperate with In the past two years we will be the titular sponsor of the league, the work begins on a day-to-day basis, “he added.

Fortuna has supported financially a number of Czech clubs including Sparta, Slavia, Liberec and Pilsen. The current betting partner of the Czech league is the competing Tipsport, which has a contract with FAČR until June 30, 2018.

Fortuna is the oldest Czech exchange betting agency and on the domestic market it is the second place in the volume of the accepted bets for Sportingbet.In addition, it is the largest company of its kind in Central Europe, besides the Czech Republic now operates in Slovakia and Poland.

Synot ended the support of the first league due to higher gambling taxation, but from 1 January 2017 the conditions of the lottery law will change again . “Legislation gives new possibilities since January, the situation is different, it is beneficial for both parties, strong links with the strong, we need to increase the quality of the competitions and the players, and without money we can not wait for the support of cities, regions and the state “

Fortuna will also be a partner of the Czech-Slovak Superpohár, which should be the winner of the Czech and Slovak cups at the end of this season. “Interest is from the Czech as well as from the Slovak side,” added Pelta.