One swallow does not make a Unibet, he said on Inter, the two-pointer Kadlec

The Spartians, at the European League, winning 3: 1 over Intera Milan finished the game and the game, according to Vaclav Kadlec, however, they should not be lullabied. The author of the two goals is convinced that if the team does not defeat the national competition in Brno on Sunday, Unibet everything will return to the old halls.

“If someone before the match told us to win and still in such a style, when Inter will have one chance for a match, so we would hardly believe it, “Kadlec told reporters. “But it happened and we are happy.It is clear that we can play soccer now, just to show Unibet tv every match “, added Sparta for the first time under the guidance of a former assistant and coach of the youngster David Holoubek, who was replaced on Monday by Zdenek Ščasný and against Interu spent the first match as the main coach among adults and helped the home team to win the first four games.

“He tried to motivate us and set the tactics we had taken up with. But it was not so different, because it can not be changed in two days. We wanted to break out of a good Unibet defense and play on bracelets, which Sparta does not play at home at home, “said Kadlec. ” But if we do not win in Brno, it will return to the old halls.”

The Holoubek made a few changes when he returned to Daniel Holzer with Aleš Čermák and Michal Sacek was given a chance. ” It was a difficult test and I have to jump in front of the young guys, because both Čermi, Sachi and Dan Holzer played well and I personally Unibet live surprised it a little bit, “he said.

Kadlec signed the goals scored by both the first half of the season. “Inter was very uncertain at the back, every balloon for the defense was stinging,” said a 24-year-old Czech representative. “After the first goal I started to say we Unibet could win.After another, I was sure, “he adds.

Inter, but twenty minutes before the end, he dropped to 1: 2, but Mario Holek immediately returned Sparta’s two-line lead. of some pressure, we had the game under control. It was the only action and we have to praise that we were still playing the same goal and we did not find Unibet anywhere and did not kick the balloons, “he added.