One of the best performances I’ve been with the team was praised by Atlétic coach

Atlético Madrid defeated Bayern Munich 1-0 in the second round of the 2nd round of the Main Leagues of the Champions League, repeating the outcome of the spring semifinal, and coach Diego Simeone did not find a single mistake in the match. Last season’s Spanish finalist showed one of the best performances for the time the team is leading.

“Today I enjoyed everything from our side, and we were greatly challenged by our opponents, we had to do it, “he said after the match Simeone.

Although the Madrid team kept the ball only 37 percent of the time, he won the shot 16:13. The only goal scored in the 35th.minute with the help of Yannick Carrasco. “We played with great intensity for 90 minutes, one of the best clubs in the world, it was one of the best performances ever since I was in Atletico,” said an Argentine coach who leads Atlético from the end of 2011.

And Antoine Griezmann, who did not score a penalty in the 84th minute. The Madrid team kicked three penalty kicks in the last four matches of the Champions League, and none of them made a difference. Of this, Griezmann twice. “Maradona, Messi, Platini, Zico, did not give you any penalty, and Griezmann will continue to play,” said Simeone.

Bayern suffered the first point loss this season retaliation for disqualification from Atletica in the semifinals of last year.In addition, the Bavarian Grandfather confirmed that he did not manage to work on the Spanish soil. “It was a complicated match, as we expected, but we should have played better, we were too slow and it was worthwhile to make it. more chances, “said coach Carlo Ancelotti, who has won the previous eight games since coming to Bayern.

German champion believes he will win the group despite Wednesday’s defeat. “Atlético has shown a killer instinct today, we are not. We have another chance to beat them at home,” said goalkeeper Bayern Manuel Neuer. “We have to get through it, it’s still the start of the season and we can still win the group when we beat Atlético at home,” added Ancelotti.