It is very addictive, said coach Holoubek after winning over Inte

David Holoubek’s former assistant and coach David Holoubek in his first match between adult coaches led Sparta players in the European League to an unexpected 3: 1 win over Milan. After the match, however, the temporary successor of the appealed Zdeněk Ščasný admitted that he did not believe in the victory.

“I experience pleasant and difficult to describe feelings.But I have to say that it is very addictive and I would like to repeat it, “said Holoubek at the press conference, which Sparta awakened incredibly, and the squad against Inter was finishing four-time waiting for a win in a competitive match.

“I believed that we were able to compete with them, but I was not entirely convinced about the win,” added the Holoubek. “But I knew we were well prepared, “

” It was very nice to say, anyone who has experienced it, “ said Holoubek. ” I was very pleased and glad. But if I tilted the fans to my side?It’s not about Holoubek, I want them to get their players on their side. And I’m glad that today it was because the cabin was so much needed, “he said.

Despite the good result and the game he had backed up with several unexpected changes in the set, the youngsters of Daniel Holzer, Aleš Čermák or Michal Sacek did not want to talk about another future in Sparta. “We will not do it after another match in Brno,”

said with a smile. “I like to work with a young player and I’m not afraid to put them in difficult matches. Because he is known and knows what he can do.I was in contact with them every day and we played hard games so I know he can handle them, “Holoubek explained.

The coach also admitted that he could not do much in two days change. “Two things happened. We worked on the defensive, and the guys were thinking a lot about it. I felt that this could be the right way, and I also liked to burst in the cab before the game and it could have impressed. “Sparta ran over Intero thanks to two goals by Václav Kadlec, and when the guests were worse from the first minute to the last minute, they managed to reduce them, but the final end of the hope was the red card for Andreu Ranocchiu and the third goal Maria Holka. “Kadlec showed a superior performance. He showed he was a European class when he worked from the first minute to the last minute.It is dangerous, it can end and I am a little sorry for not giving the hattrick I predicted, “Holoubek said.

” That’s a good story. I went to sleep at the hotel in the afternoon, and it seemed to me that Venca would be hatred. Seriously. So I told him right away and he laughed and said he probably will not be out because he says he does not give hattrictions he only gives two goals. And today he confirmed it, “added Holoubek with a smile. Sparta, who probably lost for a long time the injured Martin Frydek, is waiting for Sunday in the Brno league and Holoubek believes that the team will keep on a successful Wave. “We’ll wait until tomorrow, then Inter dissects to avoid mistakes we’ve made. Then we’ll only think of Brno, “said Holoubek.” It is my task for the team to be ready.We’re going to win there, and I’m not afraid we could not do it with such a performance as against Inter. The question is the health of the players, but we can do it, “he said.