For the second time, Brno Hycko has won Sparta for points

Alois Hyčka has become a member of Sparta in the matches in Brno. The 26-year-old midfielder of the smaller figure scored today in the last minute of setting the equalizing goal of Brno to prepare his opponent for the victory (3: 3). On this day, Hycek was expecting eight rounds. Last time he also scored in the last year against Sparta, who lost 0: 1.

“It is nice to give Sparta goals, these games have a different backdrop, a lot of people come, the atmosphere is tense. goals in each match, “ was smiling happy Hice who believed until the last minute that he could still win the draw in the unfavorable situation.

” We got the third goal just before the end of the normal game time.Coach Habanec told us at half-time that we have to fight until the last minute when he can still decide. We all went behind this turn, “described the Mood of Hynek in the Brno team.

The action after which the equalizing goal of Brno fell, preceded the corner kick. ” At that moment we believed that there may still be a settlement. There was a lot of Sparta behind us. And goalkeeper Melichárek. The standard situation will not be so bad. I went up to the goalkeeper to keep him in the bag and he could not run, “added Hycek, who, after Polak’s header, passed through the defender Mazucha. He headed for the stick and goalkeeper Koubek did not reach the shot. His equalizing goal sparked a lot of emotions, and the Spartans felt that she was falling off.”I’ve just been looking at the referee for whether he’s offending offside or not,” said Hyčka. . When Judge Rataj showed the flag on the line, he breathed. “I know that the winning goal in the last seconds is upset, so I do not blame the Spartans, I do not know a new interpretation of the rules, it was a goal which meant a draw and a winning point,” commented Hynek. >

The winning draw in the home is not considered a loss. “An opponent like Sparta is not so often, we have a tactical tactic on the offensive game right from the first minute. If we got into the defense and attacked in just three, it would be our death.Six goals fell, the audience had to be satisfied. And we have gained confidence after this result, “Hynek said.