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Kulhavý will be in the Specialized Racing team for another two years

In the upcoming season, for the third time in his career, the challenging Cape Epic junior race in JAR will be able to win in both of these upcoming races. “I am happy as it is, although the talks were quite long. We laughed longer than expected, but it did well, even though both sides […]

The brewery is interested in AS Rome as a team, not as an individuality

Pilsnerian coach Roman Pivarnik perceives the rival of the European League AS Roma as a very strong team, but does not solve the stellar individualities of the rival Francesco Totti, Edin Džek or Radu Nainggolan. The 43-year-old coach believes that the Czech champion will be able to play his own game against his big favorite […]

There is no time for hockey. Two sports are enough, Lacecká laughs

“Maybe I go to school if I can make an exam, or maybe in a mall, because back to 23 December, and there’s no time for gifts,” he says with a smile. two planks for one and vice versa passes during the winter at least five times. “I try to shorten the transition to two […]

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Bomb, laughs after La Sgambe Bauer. Silver took Chernousov

It was an entry! The Team Pioneer Investmants fought for victory in the very first lauf of the Ski Classics series. Rus Ilja Černousov eventually ended in La Sgambeda for just one second after the Norwegian Tord Asle Gjerdalen. And the second is after two races (the first was a short prologue a week ago […]