As a player he has defeated by the Early Englishman, he now wants to succeed as a coach

When Sparta last 33 years ago defeated the English opponent’s cups, Zdeněk Ščasný was a player and in the 3-2 win over Watford he even played the winning goal. Now the coach of the leftist group believes that in the opening match of the European League in Southampton will be another victory.

“I remember the match very well because I did not give a lot of goals” a fifty-year-old coach at a press conference. “I scored the goal after we had a 2-0 lead and the opponent made it up. If it’s our last victory, it’s sad,” Spasta added. The UEFA Cup won first in Watford 3: 2, then in domestic revenge even 4: 0 and moved to the quarterfinals.In that year, the team of Letenský also played in the last year. Tomorrow Ščasný will have to go without Ondrej Zahhel and Tomáš Rosický, who recently returned to Sparta after ten years in Arsenal. Before the first match of the group, he helped to put together information about the opponent.

“It’s a shame he can not play because he spent a lot of years here,” said Shastny. “Southampton knows very well, but mainly players because they changed the coach and play a different way in the game, “added a coach from Leteni, who praised the great reinforcement despite having only played for twenty minutes. “Tomas has enormous respect and authority in the cabin.Our debates are beneficial in all respects, “he adds.

Bořek Dočkal and Martin Frydek could have been coming in. ” We are still solving some of the pitfalls. It may happen that they would appear in the basic set, but it is unlikely. Both are coaching with the team, so we will see, “said Ščasný.

Southampton in the English League has not won yet, but Sparta coach is expecting a difficult match. ” They have a great job, of course.They also have a very good transition to the attack and, above all, very good creative players forward, who often change their positions, “said Ščasný.

” What is also very unpleasant, the opponents play a balanced game, so Southampton has always made a lot of pressure in certain passages, “said the coach.