According to Unibet, Sparta is a key autumn week

According to striker Václav Kadlec, Sparta players have a key week of the fall season. On Thursday, the Letenky team needs to play the European League at the Hapoel Beer Sheva course and three days later it is waiting for an important duel with the defender of the Pilsen title three days later. “If we did not ride with Pilsen and flee “We have to score to keep our chances of Unibet ponturi progress,” Kadlec told reporters.

In Israel, however, Sparta does not expect anything easy, because Beer Sheva has not played in the new stadium yet.On the other hand, four matches on the European playgrounds are waiting for a victory. In addition, the situation is complicated by a large marod, including Frýdek, Šural, Costa, Vácha or Rosický.

“The person does not do anything, it is and can not be excused “I think we still have a great team and we should fight it,” said Kadlec, adding that he also believes the young offspring who joined Holoubek coach during the personnel crisis.

“It’s good, I got a chance too soon and I’m for the young guys to Unibet pariuri get a chance,” added Kadlec. “That it was because of the wounds, that’s another thing, but I confirm that everyone has the quality. The wardrobe and the junior have been rolling and are right here.While it may be nervous, but we’re older here to help them, “he continued.

Sparta has lost to Southampton in the European League and has defeated Inter Milan. “Beer Seva with the same opponents wins a point more and still does not get a goal. ” I’m sure they will fight against us because they will probably play a little differently than Southampton and Inter, playing bracelets and coming out . I’m curious about the second game style, “he said.

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